iBusiness Recovery provides directors with free, confidential advice for companies experiencing financial difficulty

Whether it be insolvency, restructuring or another tailored solution, we find the best way forward for you, the company and your business.

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We've helped 2,000+ directors turn their companies around – and although every business is different, we always put the director first.

Complete director-focused service

  • Free, confidential consultations
  • We assess all your options, you control what happens next
  • Round the clock support
  • Explain in a transparent nature how you're impacted
  • Get cashflow relief and operate without creditor pressure

It's crucial to obtain expert advice, as soon as you can.

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Financial difficulty can be a problem for any business, even when it's no fault of your own. Whatever the reason, it's important to realise you always have options.

We have helped over 2,000 company directors overcome creditor demands by providing a wide range of services and professional advice.

Explain your business to us and we'll explain how to move forward

Independent and in your corner

Without advice, directors can be pressured unfairly into insolvency. Unlike insolvency practitioners, iBusiness Recovery will always represent you and your company, not your creditors.

We assess all the ways forward

We'll explain your company debt liabilities, accountancy solutions and restructuring options but we know your business is different to every other business. So, together, we decide how to proceed in a manner you're comfortable with.

Company recovery experts

It's our aim to get you and your company the best possible outcome during an uncertain time.

iBusiness Recovery operates independently and with no obligation

It's always worth speaking to us and hearing what we have to say. You will always be guided by a director and we are on hand at any time, 7 days a week.

Often directors find our advice far more reasonable, practical and effective than maybe some of the more traditional routes in the past.

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